Laura Lejeune - Costume Design and Interpretation CV

This CV is just a glimpse in to the many and varied productions Midnight Costume Services has been involved with over the past year or so. If you would like a full CV please do not hesitate to email. Film/TV credits follow Theatre credits. 


Beauty and the Beast - Scarlett Entertainment, 2017

Original Costume Designs by Laura Lejeune for Midnight Costume Services, commissioned by Scarlett Entertainment. 

Heading up the Midnight Costume Services team, Laura supervised the Pattern Cutting, Construction and sourcing of multiple Costume pieces including hand painted fabrics, hand embellished, embroidered, dyed and manipulated fabric for multiple pieces, tailoring and construction, millinery, Lycra work, dressmaking and 3D Props Costume Building for this original show. Historical underpinnings were made to complement some of the designs, which were heavily influenced by the Venice Carnival,  as well as Fat Suits, light up panels in some of the costumes and many, many rhinestones!

The Handmaiden - Secret Cinema, 2017

Pattern Cutter and Costume Construction

Working closely with the Designer for the Secret Cinema event, Laura Pattern Cut the historically influenced Jaegori Jackets to measurements provided whilst the Midnight Costume Services team made them up. 

''thanks again for the jackets, they look so beautiful'' - Charlotte Young, Secret Cinema

Alice in Wonderland - Scarlett Entertainment, 2016/7

Original Costume Designs by Laura Lejeune for Midnight Costume Services, commissioned by Scarlett Entertainment. 

Utilizing the Midnight Costume Services In-House team of Costume Makers, Laura acted as head Pattern Cutter and lead the Construction of Multiple pieces for this original Show. All pieces were made in the Midnight Costume Services workroom and included 3D Costume Props, Lycra work, fabric printing, manipulation, embroidery and dying as well as Tailoring, Construction and Millinery.  

5 GUYS NAMED MOE - Underbelly/Cameron Mackintosh 2016                                             

Tailor and Pattern Drafter

Working with her in-house team, Laura Pattern cut and hand Tailored 8 matching Tail Coats and Waistcoats in Rainbow colours for this vibrant show. Each were individually cut and Tailored with matching Waistcoats, including Fitting individually to the performer before shipping. 

Cats - Best of Musical Starnights, Showfabrik GmbH 2016/17

Fabric dying, painting and manipulation

Managing the in-house team to create fabric to be made in to Cat Suits for this touring production. Lycra was hand painted to create the 'look' for each Cat, then each Cat Suit was created with further fabric manipulation techniques. 

A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM - Drama in the Dale 2016    

Costume Construction

Historical Pattern Cutting and Costume Making to make a large quantity of Men's and Women's Shakespearean/16th Century Shirts

''Laura responded to a plea for help, I needed 14 Shakespeare style white shirts in various sizes, she designed, created and delivered them this week for a excellent price and great quality. Thanks again, [we're] very pleased!'' - Lucy Taylor, Drama in the Dale

DOWNLOAD – Jagprops/Celebrity Cruises 2016                                                     

Costume Maker and Pattern Cutter.

Pattern Cutting for Dance and Performance Wear, Costume Construction from Toile to finished piece. Creating multiple Male and Female Suits to be worn and performed with LED elements.  All costumes were Designed and commissioned by Jag Props for Celebrity Cruises

JUDITH: A PARTING FROM THE BODY – The Arcola Theatre 2016     

            Costume Construction.

Historical Pattern Cutting and Costume Construction to create a beautiful Green Silk Quick Rigged tailored and hand finished Edwardian Bodice and Skirt

MACBETH – Insane Root 2016                                                                

            Costume Construction.

To Pattern Cut, Construct, fit and finish/decorate several styles of Medieval Kirtle for performers in Insane Root’s production of Macbeth in Redcliffe.

ELYSIUM – Jagprops/Celebrity Cruises 2015/6                                                          

Costume Maker and Pattern Cutter.

Working with her in-house team of Costume makers, and liaising closely with the Jag Props Team, Laura created Patterns based on the Jag Props Designs to be issued to other makers across the UK for both Dance and Performance Wear, as well as making multiple Patterns for Costuming constructed in the Midnight Costume Services workroom. Costumes patterned and constructed included  Tutu's, Gowns and Leotards with Quick Change elements, Performance T-Shirts and Corsets and embellished Collar bases for both Male and Female performers. All costumes were Designed and commissioned by Jag Props for Celebrity Cruises

2016 SEASON – Beverley Entertainment 2015/6                                         

            Costume Designer and Manager.

Completely Costume Design and Illustrate multiple new (both original and re-designed) shows for the 2016 Season.

Costume Supervisor/Manager to a large Team of Costumers to Build, Source and Construct Costume including Pattern Cutting for both Modern and Historical, male and female Costume, Corsetry, Historical Corsetry, Tailoring (Historical and Modern) for Mens Costume, Millinery, West End re-interpretations including Wicked, Les Miserables, Joseph, Chicago, Mary Poppins, Phantom of the Opera, Cats (amongst others), alongside creating classic Chorus Line Costumes, Vintage style 1930’s Hollywood Costumes and modern Dancewear. Pieces were hand dyed, printed, embroidered and broken down.


Untitled - Shoreditch Pictures 2017

Pattern Cutter and Costume Maker

Historical Pattern Cutting and Costume Construction to make a large quantity of 1850s Peasant Shirts and 1850's woolen Peasant Trousers. 

TAKE ME OUT - ITV/Thames 2016                                                      

Props/Costume Creator

Original Pattern Drafting to create Costume/Props inc. Starfish for the Christmas special. 

THE VICTORIAN SLUM – BBC/Wall to Wall 2016                                                      

Costume Manager and Consultant.

Heading up her in-house team, Laura used her experience in Historical Pattern Cutting and Historical Sewing Techniques as an Advisor to a team of Producers for a 6-Part BBC/Wall to Wall TV Series illustration the genesis of Sweat Shops in the Victorian Period. Accurate Historical Costume cut and construction of Victorian Menswear of various dates including Collars, Waistcoats and Trousers.  Assisting the development of Instructional Sewing Booklets for the show, whilst liaising with the Producers and filming team. 

FLAT FOOTED APOCALYPSE – Mouse Bot Productions 2011                          

Costume Designer and Supervisor.

Creating and sourcing multiple pieces of Vintage and Original Clown Costume. Location Dressing and Costume Co-ordination.

THE BALLAD OF MARY WHYDDON – Chagford Filmmaking 2010     

Costume Designer for Principal Cast, Location Costume Supervisor.

Designing and Illustrating Historically Accurate early 17th Century Costume. Historical Pattern Cutting (for both Men’s and Women’s Costume pieces), Construction, Fit and Finishing Bodices, Corsets/Stays and Skirts with Hand Embroidered detailing which included a 1630s Wedding Dress and colourful Blackwork style Embroidered Bodice for the Leading Lady, as well as various Shirts, Doublets, Coats and Breeches for the Male cast.

Assisting in sourcing rental pieces for both Lead , Support and Crowd costuming, including co-ordinating Fittings, Alterations and Breaking Down where necessary.

Location Dressing and Costume coordination, Cleaning and maintenance.

DARK DESTINY – Faldor Films 2011                                           

Costume Designer and Supervisor.

Historical influenced Pattern Cutting and Construction to create Victorian/Steampunk style Costume including Corsets, Bodices, Skirts and Jackets. Liaising with the Production Designer to source rental pieces for Lead and Support Costuming, co-ordinating Fittings and Alterations where necessary.

SIR LANVAL – Chagford Filmmaking 2009                                  

Costume Designer for Principal Cast, Location Costume Supervisor.

Leading a small team with a smaller budget to Pattern Cut, Fit and Construct Medieval Fantasy Costume including Quilted Gambesons, Jerkins, Breeches and Cloaks, hand dyed, printed and embellished Kirtles and Gowns.

Liaising with the Wardrobe Manager to rent and source Crowd Costuming, as well as fit, alter and break this down where necessary.

Location Costume Manager.

THE LAIDLY WORMOF SPINDLESTON HAUGH – Chagford Filmmaking 2008        

            Costume Designer.

Liaising with the Director and Production Designer to create an original Dragon Costume which was part Costume, part Puppet.